Saturday Scribes Writing Prompts: Jan. 1st

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Theme: Expectations



Saturday Scribes’ Opposite Day: May 15

Usually we’re all about giving you words to play with, but on opposites day, the challenge is to make due with less words. Last August, we challenged participants to write a piece of fiction without using the five most common words in the English language.

This week, the challenge is to write a piece of fiction without using any adverbs or adjectives. Metaphors and similies, on the other hand, are fine (everyone who just spent a month immersed in poetry can smile smugly now – but remember, the challenge is to use your recently honed metaphorical skills to craft a piece of prose this time around).

If you’re not already a grammar maven, you might want to review the rules for adjectives and adverbs. For instance, did you know: When the words this, that, these and those are followed by nouns, they are adjectives (e.g. This book is for sale), but when they appear without a noun following them, they are pronouns (e.g. This is mine).

If this all sounds too much like work, you can (as always) ignore the rules and just riff on the theme instead.
The Theme for this week is: Paradigm

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