Forty percent

That’s how far we should all be along in our NaNoWriMo novels by the end of today – just over 20k, 40% of that magical goal of 50,000 words.   If you’re still lagging behind, and 50k seems like a distant, shimmering mirage on the horizon, forever just out of reach, take heart – lots of people lose momentum in the second week.  Plots start to lose cohesion, characters randomly wander off the path to see what that sound was in the bushes, while other characters mysteriously appear and demand to be part of the story.  What seemed like a perfect, shining idea has become a big, complicated mess.  Unfortunately, there’s really only one way out of the week two swamp – and that’s to write your way out.  If, like me, you’re still floundering behind, it’s time to log off the net, and get back to writing!  Which is what I’m going to do right now.

More NaNo tidbits to come later today, once I’ve managed to churn out a few more pages of novelly goodness (or at least, words that vaguely ressemble novel-like prose).