Prompt Guidelines

Okay, here’s how it works.

For the theme prompt:
You can interpret the theme any way you want – literally, figuratively, fancifully, ironically – it’s up to you.  Any kind of creative writing is fair game, be it prose, poetry, or general musings on life, the universe and everything. Sometimes it helps to go away for a few hours and let the idea stew and simmer; other times you might find yourself spontaneously inspired to scribble something down right away.  Go with what moves you.
The idea is to write something new, to spark up those drowsy neurons and get the creative wires humming, but if you feel particularly bereft of motivation, posting something old is okay too.

For the word prompt:
Each word has to be used somewhere in your writing, whether it be a poem or story, one-act play or soliloquy. It won’t always be three words.  Sometimes it will be two, or four.  It might even be a phrase.

Images, headlines & other special prompts: We like to mix things up a bit, so there will often be other prompts along with the usual theme + 3 words.  As with the theme, how you choose to approach them is totally up to you.  You can feel free to use all, some, or none. 

WRITEPost what you wrote on your blog (or your friend’s blog).  Come back here and put the permalink to your post in the comments section. Sometime over the weekend, check out the other writers’ posts, and comment if you feel like it. Simple as that.

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