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Saturday Scribes Writing Prompts: Jan. 1st

Starting next week, the weekly prompts will be moving to a new site. Link coming soon.

Theme: Expectations


Happy New Year!

Tomorrow, New Year’s Day, we’ll be posting the first writing prompts of 2010, after which Saturday Scribes will be MOVING to The Mimosa Effect. Mainly because your faithful moderator is feeling lazy has been taken by the (possibly overly optimistic) notion that it will prove less of a hassle to keep all of her shiny things in one box.

I’ll post a proper link to the new Sat. Scribes section once next week’s prompts are up in the new space.

Cheers, and Happy New Year to all the writers out there!

Saturday Scribes December Writing Prompts

This will be the last writing prompt for ’09, then we’ll be back in January with a special New Year’s prompt.  In the meantime, feel free to browse through any of the older prompts if you need some extra inspiration. Thanks to all the writers who have participated, even during the slower, quieter times.   We’ll see you again in the new year!

Theme: Going home

last call

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Saturday Scribes Writing Prompts Sept. 18

We’re back! Writing prompts are posted weekly, first thing on Friday, from September through June, with a break during the December holiday season. Once the prompts are up, you can feel free to post a link to your creative writing (whatever form it may take). Writers are also welcome to browse the site for earlier prompts, but if you want people to read your stuff it’s best to post your link in the most current Scribes posting. Contributions of writing quotes and links to news and articles of interest to writers are also welcome, as long as they’re not advertising anything commercial (links to writing contests and conferences are okay). Enjoy!

Theme: Precarious


As usual, remember comments are semi-moderated, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away. Newcomers can learn more about Saturday Scribes here (including how to do a permalink to your post) and read the prompt guidelines here.

Fall Writing Prompts Start Sept. 18

Just a short note to let everyone know that the Saturday Scribes Writing Prompts will be starting up again on Sept. 18th. Prompts are posted on Fridays, after which point you can feel free to post links to your creative writing contributions any time over the weekend.

Hope you all had a good summer!

2009 Hugo Winners

Winners of the 2009 Hugo Awards are up, as of August 9th:

I have to say, I think it’s totally awesome that Dr. Horrible’s SingAlong Blog won for Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form.    Way to go Joss!  And another one of my favourite guys, Neil Gaiman, won for best novel.  I’m not sure, but it might be the first time that a YA novel has won in that category. 

Now I have to start scrounging around in the local book stores and start doing some serious reading.  It’s been far too long since I bothered to check out new SF authors (I’ve been a bit of a creature of habit, genre/reading wise lately).

Saturday Scribes Sunday Prompts July 19

Sorry for the late posting. Yet another whirlwind trip out of town, in the midst of major rennovations. This is why I usually suspend weekly prompts during July & August! These will be the last prompts for the summer, then we’ll (hopefully) be resuming them in September. If this is your first time here, feel free to make use of this week’s or any other previous week’s prompts. You can continue to post links in the comments section to any creative writing you wish to share throughout the rest of the summer. Happy writing, all!

Theme: Comedy/Tragedy


Missed weekend, and upcoming prompts

Apologies to anyone who came by this past weekend looking for new prompts.   I fully expected to have internet access while out of town, but it turned out not to be the case.   Next time I set out into the vastness of the great beyond, I’ll be sure to post prompts early, just in case.

There will definitely be new writing prompts this Friday – a whole whack of them, in fact, to make up for lost time.  In the meantime, if you have writing (of any sort) that you’d like to share with the world at large, feel free to link to it in the comments section of this post.

New prompts coming soon…

This weekend’s prompts will be a tad delayed – I hope to have them up by Friday afternoon (as opposed to our usual 12am Friday time).  In the meantime, feel free to browse the writing prompts and challenges from the last couple of weeks.  Happy writing, all!

– your friendly neighbourhood webmaster

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