Impossible Poetry Words

…And other ridiculous challenges for bored writers.

I’ve been collecting random words from friends as part of an ongoing poetry challenge (for  NaPoWriMo over at ReadWritePoem).  The goal was to get at least 50, and I’m up to 144 so far.

Naturally (what with my friends being the kind of over-educated, overly-imaginative geeks that they are), some of the words I’ve been sent are pretty hard to imagine appearing in a line of verse.  So I’ve started up a challenge on one of the writing boards, to take three impossible words and weave them into a short poem, or bit of flash fiction (a minimum of two lines or the equivalent of one sentence, and not longer than 5-6 lines, or a few sentences tops for a story).  Anyone who manages to wrangle the words into something creative gets to pick the words for the next person.

Here was the first (rather horrific) attempt, based on three of the words my friends sent me:
  Aristotelian, flugelhorn, soporific

  With inevitable Aristotelian logic
  that each of the four worldly elements
  will eagerly seek each other’s company
  the flugelhorns,  tubas, French horns and  trombones
  have gathered together to form a soporific symphony
  the audience snores in harmony – oh, if only they were in tune!

(The Vogons would be proud, they would.)

If you’re feeling a strong urge to procrastinate, and you want to spread the evil virus around, here are some more impossible words that my (so-called) friends sent me, to get you rolling:

artichoke, fez, zygomatic, replicator, cholesterol, fatuous, regulator, sorghum, undercarriage

(..and those are but a few..)



  1. desert rat said,

    April 8, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Using much more reasonable words, my NaPoWriMo #7:

    where the hollow of her arm

  2. desert rat said,

    April 9, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    NaPoWriMo #9:

    paradise, lost & found

  3. Ian Beckett said,

    August 6, 2009 at 6:07 pm


    Oatmealed and omeletted, start to a dull grey Seattle day
    Mutual “Good morning” yawns wait the elevator gruzz
    Cheery maid vacumates my room in a swirl of efficiency
    Brundling my notes and my PC together I walk to work
    Strumphing along beside the fumes of the grundling traffic

    Email mountains confabulate the uncoffeed hordes
    Typed kerattle the calm before the budget storm
    Subterranean stocks desphorror of legal gamblers
    Bonehead logic meets dumbling marketing aspirations
    Now silent nerbling excuses of cur-whipped executives

    Micawber’s message crystal in strangression of promises
    Fundamental economics the only possible bankerage
    Blood will flow in abattoir of management incastrophies
    Doe-like and frembling in the light of impending execration
    The stapression painfully personal as reality bites as last

    Beer time comfrunks gather early in a huddle of hope
    Sheep-like they absorb the tendralations of others’ fears
    Remonstressing their misfortune in a depression of dinner
    Relaxed at last in a hopefindation of beer goggle logic
    Sleepfully staring at the mortgage arreared ceiling

    My thankful escape to the Murakamied Sputnik symphony
    Harmony in the silence of solitaricious nightcap with Hilton Mark
    Wishing I was home now with my cuddlicious girl again
    Grateful for loving and living in this aventacular world
    I quietly srift off to sleep in a snozzle of sweet dreams

  4. August 17, 2009 at 7:29 am

    I enjoy the word “absquatulate.” Just sayin’.

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