Get Your Write On

Just a few of the worthy writing challenges & events coming up in March-April:

National Novel EDITING Month (March) – Have a finished novel that needs polishing?  Having trouble motivating yourself to edit your finished stories? This is the site for you.  Even if you have no amibitions to get published, the editing process can teach you a lot about your own writing foibles, and about writing in general.  And it can be a lot more fun than you might think, especially if you have a supportive community to spur you on.

National Poetry Month (April) – An initiative led by The Academy of American Poets, and supported by numerous other poetry sites around the net. It was started to as a way to “highlight the legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets… and to introduce more Americans to the pleasures of reading poetry”, however it has since expanded to embrace poetry from all around the world. One popular way for poets to celebrate National Poetry Month and give themselves an added challenge, is to write one poem per day for the month of April.

Script Frenzy (April) – Write a 100-page script in 30 days!  Now includes screenplays, stage plays, teleplays, and even scripts for graphic novels and comic books.  SF rule #5: “You must, at some point, have ridiculous amounts of fun.”

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