Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 everyone!  The first writing prompts of 2009 (special New Year’s Day edition) will be up shortly. 

Hope everyone’s recovered from partying last night – or, if you didn’t get to party, that it was due to being distracted by some other fun/productive/lucrative activity.  As for me, I hit the sack well before midnight last night so I could be up early this morning to play a harp gig at city hall – so, two out of three, at any rate.  Although it was mildly amusing to be surrounded by serious-looking men in black at ten in the morning (there were Personages of Importance attending, what with it being a New Year’s levee featuring our very own Lieutenant Governor, hence the increased security).  Since it was within a few blocks of my house, and I got to trade off every 20 minutes or so with the first nations drummers and singers who were performing downstairs (I was upstairs), it was really a pretty laid-back affair on my part – plus there was free coffee (& cider, & danishes).  I made enough to offset groceries for the month, so one might say I got to play for my supper (or breakfast, in this case).

Right, enough non-writing-related babbling – on with the prompts!

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