Saturday Scribes Writing Prompt: Dec. 5

This will be the last ’08 writing prompt before Saturday Scribes goes on holidays (we’ll be back on January 1st with a special New Year’s prompt).  So all the more reason to participate!  Think of it as a nice break from an insane month of NaNo-novelling (or, for all you non-novellers, one last creative kick at the can before the new year).   To make up for missing most of the November prompts myself, I’ll be tackling all the ones I missed in one fell swoop this weekend.  But of course, you don’t have to follow my wild & crazy example – as usual, you can feel free to write on the theme, or the words, or both (from this week or any previous week) – or you could even share a snippet of your NaNo novel if you feel like it.  Happy writing, all!  See you in 2009…

Theme: Journey’s End


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