15 days and counting…

Posting the Wednesday NaNoWriMo update a bit late this week, due to being out of town all weekend. 

If you’re already panicking before you’ve even begun, rest assured that there will be lots of people cheering you on during the month of November to help get you through those rough patches, including regular pep talks by well-known authors.  This year’s pep talk celebrities will include the likes of  Piers Anthony, Philip Pullman, and Jonathon Stroud.

In the meantime, you can read the uplifting missives from last year’s pep talk authors, Neil Gaiman and Sue Grafton among others.

Hooking up with your local region is another great way to get that much-needed moral support – and to give some in return – from people that you might actually meet in person, no less!  Hundreds of groups around the globe are already scouting out friendly coffee shops and setting up launch parties for the weekend of November 1st.  Yes, that’s right – this year the beginning of November falls on a weekend, so I anticipate a great many all-nighters being pulled, to get a head start on that word-count we’ll all be pushing valiantly towards 50k. 

If you’re one of those rare hyper-organized types who’s way ahead of the game (or even if you’re just bored), there are plenty of ways to procrastinate over at the official NaNoWriMo site.  You can bide your time with perennial favourites like the vending machine game and the useless powers game, or you might stumble across something truly odd, like giving a fellow author tips on how a were-melon might behave.  Whatever you choose to do between now and November 1st, remember, it’s all about having fun – and reaching 50k! 

Speaking of which, you can find the latest and greatest NaNo wordcount widgets here, various NaNo desktop calendars over here, and links to NaNo report cards (Excel) here and here. Hooray for technically minded people with too much time on their hands!

See you all next week (when we’ll aim to have our Wednesday NaNo post up well before two minutes to midnight, i.e. Thursday).

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